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Zuper Greekにより編集済み: 11/30/2019 2:21:38 AM

RTSS does not function for Destiny 2.

RTSS (Riva Tuner Statistics Server) doesn't cap my framerate like it's set to. I know there is an in-game limiter but I get screen tearing. And if I use VSync, I get input lag which is why I have to use RTSS for my games. I don't have any of the overlay tools enabled as I know those are not compatible but the actual framerate and scanline sync features do not do anything to Destiny 2. Steam Account ID: ZuperGreek (ID: 76561198073678655) Configuration Info CPU: Intel Core i9-7940X GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X SC 12GB RAM: 128GB DDR4 GPU Driver Version: Nvidia 441.41 Operating System: Window 10 Pro (version 1903)



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