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Vex Invasions Overlord Spawn Bug

It looks like a bug may have been introduced or worsened with Bungie's latest update. Tonight, without success, my team tried FOUR times to get an Overlord to spawn in Archer's Line for my friend to complete his Undying Title. We've killed plenty of Overlords before without issues. Not tonight. No matter how fast we killed the 2 Hydras and the Gatelords, we never got the Overlord to spawn. We had no issues in Hellmouth tonight, just in Archer's Line. Between the 4 tries, we went to Orbit (to try to "reset" the instance), did other activities, came back, same unsuccessful result. Has anyone reported this issue to Bungie and/or is Bungie aware of it? I'm seeing comments on Reddit reporting this same problem, so clearly my team isn't the only one. Any insight on the issue would be greatly appreciated. ========== EDIT: I ran 6 more tests today (Dec 1st). We tried different strategies proven to work consistently in the past, by my team and other people providing us their own insight. We ran the tests across all Moon locations (Archer's Line, Hellmouth, Anchor of Light). Result: ZERO (0) Overlord spawns. I'm adding a link to another recent Reddit post about someone else experiencing this issue. I wish there was a more effective way to report this bug to Bungie and/or be able to receive an acknowledgement that this and similar posts have been reviewed and evaluated. Although I already got my Undying Title, I have clanmates who have not. And they're relying on this time limited objective, which is clearly not working correctly / as expected. I wish there was a way to know that Bungie's at least aware of the problem and doing something to resolve it. Even if it means removing the objective as an Undying Title requirement, if they're unable to address it before the season ends in a week. Ps. Note that my experience with this issue was on Xbox. But I've seen reports from other people in other platforms. Feel free to specify your console in comments below. ========== See other reports on Reddit: - - - Also see comment thread above this comment:



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