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11/20/2019 7:41:05 PM

Another "The Undying mind" post.

I'm not sharing anything mind boggling or anything people have probably not already said . So, I have been enjoyinh Shadowkeep There have been things I have not liked though (such as Eververse feeling extremely pricey compared to previous seasons). With that being said season of the undying, while fun, is lack luster. The vex assaults on the moon: A+ They are difficult , new, felt like you were connected to the story, and you could get weapons from them . The vex offensive B- Although you had weapons they weren't anything that different from what you could get from the vex assaults, and there isn't much of a reason to farm it other than the triumph. There was no real sense of "lets go do this" it seemed like more of a filler than actual content (while fun, it still it needed more variety or more loot) And now the undying mind, Oh boy... Lets move on . What went wrong? My opinion is : We spent weeks watching the portal be built expecting it to be something awesome... Disappointment number one . We did not use the portal in the tower to access the undying mind , We know this can be done because of EDZ and Haunted forest . That in and of itself seems like a missed opportunity whereas it is something overlook-able it borderline breaks this sense of (Oh hey here is that tower it actually does something I.E the evolving changing world). It makes it feel like more of a scenic addition rather than a game addition . Entering into the "Final assault and nothing has Changed... Disappointment number two. The entire activity is completely unchanged except for the portal at the end and the beacon, now some could say the boss mechanics are different but essentially the boss has just been swapped out. The loot... Disappointment number 3. We were expecting A new weapon, specific armor, gun ornaments, exotic, legendary, something . We received an emblem . I like emblems don't get me wrong, this seemed like another opportunity that they missed. How to make it better / Fix this in the future . Disappointment number one fix. Simply add an option (*I am having serious jamais vu with that word right now*) where we can access the activity from inside the tower at the portal, or in the director screen from the tower . Disappointment number two fix . Change the encounters up more , add another wave or two , add more crystals ect. make it feel like it has changed some. I understand the premise of we are going to the same place and that portal is to draw out the undying mind but it feels clunky and poorly designed for it to be exactly the same when the vex supposedly communicate and can adapt to things faster than light speed. Disappointment number three fix . Everybody loves loot, I know it would be easy to say well we gave you loot, however the emblem doesn't even track the amount of times we have killed the undying mind, at-least add that to it . In my opinion however the better option would have been to have added either an old destiny 1 weapon such as Imago Loop or Vex Mythoclast in to the loot pool.However I think even if you had thrown a couple of, or even a single randomly rolled or curated rolled weapon with a chance to drop from the boss (*not guaranteed*) re-skinned or not re-skinned, It would have made the encounter have some heft to it , made it feel like going in there was accomplishing something. If you read all of this thank you for sticking around and let me know what you think.



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