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11/19/2019 5:02:47 PM

Please fix survival glory adjustments, not working, agree?



Not sure


We love Norway


Yeah yeah, and firstly to those that want to say "just play better" :) That´s not all it. Example, first round, kills for me and my teammates: 4, 0, 0. One of the "non-killers" drops out. It´s then 3 vs 2. We put up some resistance, but are basicly laughtered (as we should on this level with one player less). Okey, we play through, trying to be "good destiny players", and we get to the points. The new wonderful Destiny glory system obviously thinks we should have beaten these guys, or got twice the kills or something, since I am reduced by the max point possible, i.e. 68 points. To often people drop out, and we are stuck with a [i]destined[/i] match loss... Please Bungie, at least let us keep our points when others drop out. It is not fair to lose points this way. Also I hope (or rater expect) Bungie to forward to my account, 500 glory points, in, as we say in Norway, "tort og svie" (meaning for all the trouble I´ve had). I was to add a picture, but can´t seem to do so. Anywayz, thanks for reading through my post:) Tobbe__82 signing out at 3940 glory points (68 less than justified).. Love ya all.



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