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11/18/2019 5:12:59 PM

In-game clan roster doesn't accurately show list of active members (for me).

Hello, I recently realized that my in-game clan list doesn't accurately display the names of players that are currently playing. It will show them greyed out as if they are offline. The only reason I was able to detect this issue, is because I happened to see my son's screen while he checked our clan page while we were playing together. On my screen, it only showed the 2 of us in an active session. On his screen, at least 4 other clan members were playing. I tried refreshing, and this same behavior persisted throughout our game time. As a clan leader, this is a concern since it's possible I wouldn't know that members are actually online, and could accidentally leave them out of some activities when they are available. I am on PS4. Thanks for reading -k



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