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11/16/2019 7:20:46 PM

Time of the Wolf Recruitment!

Time Of The Wolf | PS4 | Raid | Nightfall |Crucible | Endgame Welcome to Time Of The Wolf 🐺 We are a 18+ endgame clan hoping to grow together as a dead on weekly active wolf pack to team up and have fun. Where fellow wolves can join up together playing Missions, Nightfalls, Crucible and the Raid etc. Discord ⁃ As you know the D2 app has very little reliability when it comes to communication. Thankfully this clan has discord to group up for Raids, Nightfalls, Crucible and even for Endgame or to just hangout and have a good time. ⁃ Admins from time will post updates about the clan and the game itself. ⁃ Once accepted to the clan the link to our discord will be provided in the app. Requirements ⁃ Age 18+ ⁃ Be respectful to each other ⁃ BE ACTIVE ⁃ Discord ⁃ PS4 Only ⁃ No Lone Wolves We Are A Pack 🐺 - Light Level 750+ NO EXCEPTIONS CLAN RULES (PLEASE READ) In order for this clan to be very effective and active we have a strict weekly active rule and we fully understand everyone has a life aside from the game itself therefore if for some reason you wont be able to play for the week for an emergency or Vacation. Please notify an admin in the chat in advance and you will not be kicked. NO EXCEPTIONS Want to join? Here is the link and simply just apply We are looking forward to have you join the pack it’s our time!!



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