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11/14/2019 7:54:48 PM

(PS4) (UK) (Discord) United Kingdom Guardians Are Looking For Experienced Raiders.

United Kingdom Guardians (UKG) Currently looking for experienced PvE players. Who like to run raids and other light leveled PvE activities. UKG is a UK based PS4 clan. The majority of our members are UK based players but we have a few EU members. The clan was formed over a year ago and is a mixture or hardcore and casual players some of which have been playing since Destiny 1. We run all PvE and PvP content, which is all organised in our discord server using a bot to create and join scheduled events. UKG has always reached max clan rank every season with all clan engrams achieved. We have a few requirements that need to be met 1. Need to be aged 21+ 2. Have a working mic 3. Join our discord server 4. Clanmates before LFG 5. Have fun We also have a 30 day inactive rule set up within our clan. If you have any questions send me a PM



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