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11/14/2019 7:13:10 AM

Buying Forsaken on Steam while playing in Xbox, it is secure? Worth it?

I started playing Destiny 2 almost a month ago in PC, I'm really enjoying it, despite of the fact of tested his beta and said that it sucked. Now, I'm looking to buy one of the two ''new'' DLC's that didn't came with the free version of destiny. To be specific, Forsaken (because is cheaper), but I have two important questions before make my purchase. Currently, I don't have my PC with me, obligating me to play on my Xbox (I hate it). I want to buy Forsaken on Steam via phone because is like 10 bucks cheaper than in Xbox, but I'm not sure if I will receive the content, due to the previous explanation. If you wonder, my characters are from Steam, not from xbox. Because of this, I think there's a possibilitie of not experience issues at all with this movement. My last question; Is really worth it? A few days ago, I noticed that the dreaming city and a few stuff more from Forsaken is currently available to us, the new players that got Free Destiny. I'm wondering if it's still worth the DLC due to this fact, because I know I will be receiving new abilities for each class and new missions, but idk exactly how much content I already got from it. [i]If you all could help me with my questions, you'll making me a big favor. Ty all.[/i]



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