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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
11/13/2019 11:48:36 PM

The End

Well, this the end for me, I have been banned from Destiny 2... I had a lot of Experience playing past Bungie games the halo franchise and the destiny franchise, and I had four years of service with Bungie, which mean I have played Destiny since 2015. I'm still proud of that, and one simple anti-cheat got me in a sec, I knew from that moment that I was done for and nothing left to do since that day I've been trying to figure a way to get contact with Bungie and to reassure that it must have been a mistake. But no, turns out I was wrong it was my fault putting a filthy macro on and makes the system goes nuts and figures that I was cheating, but I wasn't didn't mean to, but I still take the blame for it... I would never forget all the memories when my friend and I were playing d1 and d2 together, and along the way, I made more friends and got in contact with them, but then all gone in a single second and can never come back... I have read that it's impossible to get unbanned since there is no way in getting contact with "Bungie" except the forums... In that day I felt no anger, no hatred but I felt sorrow for my self, All the Exotic Quests I did and all the guns I got from the quest I've done, and when I got the recluse last week I was so happy at the time... But now I felt I wasted my time I had no fun since then. I sat in my room watching videos and Didn't touch my PC for two days because I knew I had nothing to do or to play and here I am now back... I spent a lot of money in this game I mean a lot but not as much as Youtubers or Streamers may be like $500 that I spent on DLC's In-game currency and maybe some ornaments. I'm here to say that I'm might not going to play Destiny 2 any more I can't return and can't start over. It's heartbreaking.



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