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11/13/2019 2:03:26 PM

my best weapon for well over a year just lost a perk! Seriously!?

not sure if this happened before migration or not because i haven't played for a while until today. i was using my tier 10 masterwork arsenic bite with perfectly desired rolls all day. been using it as my primary since bows came out. explosive head was active and working fine. i started looking at the bow in my inventory and noticed archer's tempo wasn't selected and there was no other option next to it liek there used to be. i haven't played in a while and kind of forgot it was supposed to be there, that it wasn't a fixed perk. well anyway, it was a regrettable decision. The bow is crap now and it's stuck like this unfortunately. i could kill groups of enemies with 1 or 2 arrows before. now it's going to take 2 hits to kill some of the same enemies with zero area damage, so a lot more arrows, time, and effort. this sucks! so does the fact that it's seemingly impossible to find a contact form for bungie. has explosive head been entirely removed from aresenic bite or has my favourite weapon just broken? i hope it's the latter so at least i can eventually make another one. thanks



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