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11/11/2019 10:16:16 PM

Mountaintop Is NOT OP

Mountaintop is not Op just simply starting at the fact that it's not that simple to 1 shot with it. It takes genuine skill to actually kill players with it after the indirect nerf. Erentil takes no skill and with high impact/backup you can slay with it. Shoulder Charge takes no skill and 1 hit k.o's anything that goes up against it. It's annoying, and hunters barely have a melee that counters/1 hit k.o. Why do titans get so many damage buffs, yet complain that hunters are op? And those same titans would have OEM. You nefered truesight for hunters but yet titans can still wallhack all they want. Revoker can Body/shoot through walls. The Hunter melee is shitty, I have a montage and legit players that see that it's bad. It has barely any lunge range but again, a titan can screw you over with their range/target acquisition, while warlocks can blow you across the map and jello you with infinite handhelds. JÖTUNN! NEEDS TO BE A HEAVY. If Queenbreakers Bow is heavy, why isn't Jötunn? They both are one shot capability regardless of super and can equally start with 2 special. Queenbreaker was such a great counter in Destiny 1. Please put it back. Golden Gun needs a bit more armor for when they pop the super. Not Forgotten needs a Buff. There's no point to working towards legend for another Luna's. It's almost exactly the same. Give hunters a bit more mobility. A Titan shouldnt be able to just sonic himself away from you all the time and be a 1 hit powerhouse. There has to be a falloff just like other classes. The aim assist on revoker is nuts. I got shots I shouldn't have hit because of it. And much more.



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