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11/10/2019 7:37:20 PM

Dead Weights - Serious End Game Clan Recruiting

Hello, Guardian! We hope that you can join us in the fight against the Darkness – we are, Dead Weights. We are a growing and are end-game focused with our sights set on conquering Destiny 2's most challenging feats and objectives - everything from all raids and their challenges, to Master Nightmare Hunts, to Master Nightfalls – all of which are constantly occurring while also having multiple scheduled events every week. We strive not only to complete these challenges, but to help others with less experience who wish to dive into the hardest content in the game as well. We also have a focus on PvP and have some highly skilled legendary players in our clan and server. Although we chase end-game content, triumphs, seals, and pinnacle rewards - we also emphasize just having a good time and shooting aliens for fun. We are a very active and intimate group that is all inclusive to guardians from any background and have members from all over the world. We utilize our discord server to setup any and all activities as well as communicate with one another on various topics, both Destiny related and not. Rules for joining: Must utilize discord Be respectful to all members If this sounds like the place for you, we will provide you with a discord link to get setup, and then have you setup in the in-game clan! We look forward to having you. Eyes up and Happy Hunting! (XBOX ONE) Note: to be in the discord, you’ll have to join the clan as well. This is our recruitment message. I see you’re recruiting as well, but wanted to extend an invite to you 4 if you were interested in joining our end game clan



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