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11/9/2019 6:30:53 PM

[US] The Founders of Destiny has clans recruiting

Hello everyone! - US clan Back in D1 I founded a group of over 500 members called ‘The Founders of Destiny’. Our mindset was to help new players through endgame content and share our experiences of the game with those that might not have been able to experience them themselves. With D2 we turned that large group into a clan, and then with so many members we split into 2 clans. ~Currently we only have 20-30 spaces open between the 2 clans ~We prefer if all members that join have the ability to play on Xbox even if it isn’t your primary platform. ~This gives all members the ability to have a platform to come together on instead of separating the clan. ~With cross save All of these clans talk exclusively on Discord so to get the full experience joining the discord is highly recommended. Xbox (with steam cross-save) Clan: Xbox (with PS4 cross-save) Clan: If you have any questions feel free to message me on here at Gallagorilla50! Thanks and we hope to see you soon!



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