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Boltheadにより編集済み: 11/9/2019 11:04:24 PM

Crucible survival matchmaking problems

During playing yesterday, I went through a streak of 19 losses. When looking at player stats there was on average 2.5k glory between mine and theirs, a lot of the players being 5k. To my knowledge there was a MMR system implemented this season that makes it easier to get to where you are meant to be, the highest rank I've been before was around 2.1k so I can only assume the matchmaking is bugged at the minute. I gathered the stats from 22 games, 20 of which were losses, and averaged the teams glory to compare. A chart of average team glory per game - Stats taken from games on this site - Its worth noting too that some of the ranks of players in the games we're 4, but this could be down to error on the stat tracker side of things. Maybe I'm just real bad though, thought this was worth a mention anyway and maybe worth looking in to. Cheers



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