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SO. Where the hell to start. Bought D2 on Xbox, PS4, PC (Blizzard) Cross Save comes along and so there's a process to migrate to Steam I do the process, and all my stuff from the Blizzard account is migrated to A Steam account that is not MY Steam account, it's an account that was somehow made in the migration process. SO now I have bought Shadowkeep on my Steam and I activated Cross Save thinking OH BOY! I'm going to get to play Shadowkeep with my friends on PC using my Xbox Characters! and BOY WAS I WRONG. Load up Steam and there's no cross save. so I log on to and it shows my Steam account hasn't bought Shadowkeep, which is strange seeing as I have. That's when I click on the steam account and well IT'S NOT MY STEAM ACCOUNT So I say to myself no big deal! I'll unlink and then re-link the proper Steam account. EXCEPT I CAN'T. Because Cross Save is enabled. So I say no biggie I'll deactivate Cross Save, Unlink my account, re-Link the proper account and reactivate Cross Save. But nope can't do that. because I bought Silver it's now 84 days until I can deactivate cross save and then 90 days after that until I could reactivate it. SO I BOUGHT SHADOWKEEP ON STEAM FOR NOTHING THANKS SO MUCH



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