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11/7/2019 6:13:21 PM

Is it just me, or is this game incomplete? (issues and basic review)

So recently, I downloaded Destiny 2 for my PS4 Destiny Edition because of my view of Bungie (the really incredible Halo franchise comes to mind, I still love that game to this day) and the amazing work they have shown off in their past releases. However, we have horrible internet where I am located at, so it took about a week and a half to download the game and all of the update files for it. I was raising my expectations because of how long it was taking, as I assumed that the assets and sprites and models and etcetera were so high-quality and well programmed. It was really hyping me up for something fantastic that I was going to add to my list of positives for Bungie. After the long wait, I jumped onto Destiny and immediately ran into a problem: I was required to have internet. If the internet was off, I was unable to even access the menu. This is a major problem to casual gamers such as myself, who don't want to be forced to have internet for their games, because I would want to play it no matter where my PS4 is or how the internet is functioning. Next, I noticed the loading times were excruciatingly long and painful, very unneccessarily long. My PS1 can load levels in Spyro about 50-60% faster, even though it uses a disc drive and is slower than a hard drive. I know, the polygons in PS1 games are far fewer so it doesn't take too long to render or load them, but comparing Destiny to, say, Diablo (which I observed has about the same polygonal resolution as Destiny), even then Destiny should be loading a lot faster. But alas, Diablo even loads faster. I was thinking that a few things were possibly to blame: 1) Destiny is using resources that are stored online. However, as I mentioned, this is a problem for casual gamers like myself. Also, it is pointless because why not have it included in the download? I waited a week and a half for scripts and plugins alone, or maybe a few big cutscenes and shaders? Why not include everything? 2) The game relying on internet, which is very slow where I live. Again, requiring internet and communication between console and server for solo singleplayer or casual gaming is not necessary and is very deterring to casual gamers such as myself. 3) My downloaded version or files were corrupted due to choppy / slow internet (corruptions would have occured because the packets sometimes get only partially sent and received, so sometimes data is not reassembled correctly and thus becomes corrupted) When I was playing the first level, I ran across a glitch. It was very serious, and prevented the progression of the game. After defeating the Fallen enough to run to safety and find a ship, my objective was stuck on "clear the area" but there was nothing to clear. (Yes, I got the Butler, so I didn't simply forget the next progression weapon). The entire room was empty aside from the large generator/jumpstarter and the normal props. The only entities I saw were floating red and white triangular-dynamite looking things around some large terrain props. If I shot one of them, it would drop and regain physics to an extent. (I assume they were supposed to fall as entities spawned when I was approaching the area enough to trigger them). There were no other entities. No Fallen, no ship, nothing. I looked around for an hour on a wild goose chase wondering whether or not I should restart the game. When I restarted the game, everything loaded as usual. When I progressed to the next stages, I kept noticing the entities refusing to spawn the first loading of the level. I would have to re-enter the level in order for the entities to spawn properly. This was very tedious, especially with the absurdly long wait times. I also noticed that the cutscenes and character rendering were very mediocre, especially from a game that was supposedly using recent technology and the most up-to-date software. This was very disappointing. However, it is amusing, because when the characters talk, they look like they are mumbling like a child who just got into trouble and doesn't want to tell the truth. I found this to be quite hilarious. The final gripe I can think of is the fact that almost everything is multiplayer or requires Playstation Plus or a Season Pass of some sort. Only a very small amount of the content as far as I could see wasn't multiplayer or paid. Like internet, this is inconvenient for players like myself who want to just play through the story without paying for a subscription. While these levels could be side stories or exclusive content, I still think it can be a little unfair to those who cannot afford to pay for a subscription that they might not even use too much. Even then, I think that it would be much more fun if there was more main story gameplay. I am aware that there are levels that are optionally co-op (Fireteam of 1 to 3 players, meaning it can be 1 player or more up to 3). However, it can become confusing. If there was a selection for multiplayer or singleplayer to help discriminate multiplayer gameplay and singleplayer story gameplay, it would improve our gameplay experience and help reduce confusion (especially to newcomers). Overall, while the problems could be something related to my internet, I think these issues should be taken into account for the future. This impacted me very much, and in a lukewarm way. The shaders are quite nice, and the storyline looks like it is pretty well assembled for the most part, but in terms of experience, it just feels incomplete; as if it was rushed and had no love or time put into it. You put so much into Halo, Bungie... Why not Destiny too? I hope these issues are adressed. Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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