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Destiny 2

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11/7/2019 2:18:49 PM

Armor Color Organization

I would love this in game!


This could be nice if it was tweaked a bit


I don't think this is necessary


I think we all would benefit from having some sort of organizing system in our armor icons. I have three different builds <sniper-handcannon>, <GL-SMG> and <shotgun - pulse> some of them are the same elements (sniper-HC and GL-SMG) so I have to look around for my sets all the time and if I change anything in them for a specific task I really have to start looking at the stats to see which one was better at that specific task to fit that specific build. It's all a hassle and even more confusing now that we have the universal ornaments in the game (don't missunderstand me I looove the universal ornaments). Some kind of distinction would be nice so that you at a glance can tell if this is my PVE build, my nova build, my GL-SMG build and so on. A simple solution as this would work where the shader of the gear marks the armor icon with it's prime color. You set all your builds the same shader and you can see on the icons which build you are wearing.



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