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***[PS4]-[NA\UK\EU] FLEX accepting applications!***

*READ BELOW FULLY BEFORE APPLYING Clan page: FLEX is like a family. Our members put their love and effort towards the clan. We help and get helped by each other, and patiently work towards what each of us desire to achieve in the game. That's the kind of clansman-ship each of us are treated to and we're proud of it! **Main focus: ENDGAME** - raids, pinnacle weapons, title-seals etc. We sherpa, guide, share helpful tips & advice, but expect our members to put in the effort to prepare for it. We have a no carry policy. You want to flex, you earn it. For already experienced raiders - drop Rypp3_r a PM whether you like to sherpa, which raids or would like to participate in flawless, 2-man/3-man raids, day 1s. __We have a few requirements__: - PS4 | 21+ be mature | mic required | Discord mandatory - Shadowkeep + seasons pass required - NO Drama, Toxicity, Elitist behavior, Racism/Sexism/Hate-speech, Edgy/Controversial topics - Be active - both in-game and discord. - Removal upon 2 weeks inactivity unless reason specified to an admin. We ourselves maintain a healthy balance of life, family, job, priorities and we understand it. If interested to apply contact: UK/EU: IntroX69 or DestinyGanz | US: Rypp3_r or Mooncalled04



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