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11/6/2019 2:08:20 PM

OEM Replacements

With One Eyed Mask getting nerfed, heres a bunch of exotics you could have been using that don't make you obnoxious to fight against. Crest of Alpha Lupi Barricades providing health regen is really good. If you actively use it, it will save your life 4-5 times a PvP match, and can make strikes that much easier. I especially like pairing it with Arc battery, but using its additional perk of generating an additional orb of light is really good with Ward of Dawn. Dune marchers This is not Striker exclusive, and its benefits are really good. The increased sprint speed is hella noticeable, and the chain lightning can be hilarious with middle tree Sunbreaker. Stronghold You can literally be invincible if you time your blocks. Not only that, but you lose no ammo when you do so. How is this exotic so underused? I mean, in PvP sure, you don't get power ammo that often. But in PvE, you actually can not die if it is used correctly. Peacekeepers The movement speed bonus you get is really nice, and the auto reload is a lot quicker than Auto-Loading holster. Even better, the handling is really snappy on all SMG's, so maybe you can try using one that isn't a Recluse. Lion Rampant Be an AC-130, and use weapons like Jotunn, Mountaintop, Fighting Lion, breach-loading grenade launchers, or any gun with Icarus grip, and start montaging people. It might be the most enjoyable thing to do in PvP. I left out some exotics, because they are already used a lot. But seriously, it is so saddening to see people running OEM just because it is the best neutral option. Be creative with your load out, and you will find that there can be more to the Titan than just pissing everybody off.



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