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GiantSlayerにより編集済み: 11/5/2019 6:11:17 PM

Make Monte Carlo’s Catalyst a melee bonus perk that procs with Peregrine Greaves

Yes, we all know what happened with One-Two Punch and Peregrine Greaves (Yet Hunters still have Liar’s handshake. It’s fine, I’m fine. Totally fine with it.) But I believe that making Monte Carlo somehow increase your melee damage could be accomplished without breaking the game in 3 ways: 1: It forces you to give up an Exotic slot. No izanagi’s Burden or Exotic Heavy. Plus, unless you’re using Top Tree Striker and artifact mods, it isn’t useful against Champion’s either (Well, it might potentially one shot them before they can use their abilities) 2: It could proc differently to One-Two punch. Instead of simply procing after getting a shot off, perhaps it could add a second melee charge, and when you melee with both charges it grants increased damage. 3: It could provide a smaller damage buff than One-Two punch. The idea is that since Monte Carlo is already great at regenerating your melee you don’t need the same increase in damage One-Two punch provides. It also opens up the special weapon slot, so maybe you could use a Lone Survivor for boss DPS. If I could make the Catalyst for Monte Carlo, this is what it would look like: [quote][u]Overpower:[/u] Grants a second melee charge. Melee abilities used with both charges have increased damage and [i]Stagger[/i] enemies.[/quote] Optionally, when a non-shoulder charge melee is used, the melee animation would be replaced with the player stabbing the enemy with Monte Carlo’s bayonet. I’ve heard a lot of people request this because right now the bayonet is merely for show. I really like what the sandbox team did with Cerberus+1. I am just a Titan who wants the same creativity with my baby, Monte. Sincerely, a Titan who wishes to kick shank in the face, [b][i]FOREVAH![/i][/b]



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