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Is transfering your characters working at all?

Hi! Have done all this crosssave-transfer acc thing from to Steam about a month before Oct 1. Didn't try to log in for a week after the release on Steam, knowing about the issues. Then've tried to do it for the first time at Oct 8 thinking maybe after a week there's a chance for me to log in. Dind't work out, because: despite the website saying all my data had been succesfully transfered to Steam, it did not. My characters are gone (? god I hope not) and when I enter the game it suggests me to create a new character as if my characters don't exist at all. That bothers me and I just want to know for sure, should I let it go and start the game from scratch, forgetting my characters and all the things that my clan and I had ever got for them, or is there still hope for me to retrieve them. I didn't click on a new character and had never attempted to create one since the release on Steam, I had just alt+F4 because I think that if I would have tried to create a character there will be no coming back. By the way, the page of "Cross Save" thinks that my Steam acc does not have any characters. Spooky.



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