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Shashim_1023により編集済み: 10/28/2019 5:12:47 PM

Please Nerf Striker Melee and Striker Super for PVP ONLY!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played comp or classic playlist and a Striker Titan pops their super and it seems to last for a decade. I have an Arcstrider Hunter and when I pop my super I’m out in 20-30 seconds, I’ll get maybe 1 or 2 kills, seems fair. A Titan pops the Striker super and OMG: I timed it one time, at least a minute 30, this person mapped everyone, hell half the time they weren’t even near anyone because they killed us all, so he ran around the map with his super active for what seemed like forever. Other classes have had substancial nerfs as far as PVP and even in PVE, Titans however seems to get stronger every update. If I have to look for someone with my super active for more than 20-30 seconds it’s spent. These guys run around the map undeterred for what seems to be a lifetime. The melee range for this class is also a huge concern. The description of the talent clearly states you have to be running for it to activate, every time I get cornered by one of these they seemingly have boundless energy to mash the melee button and charge until they hit someone. Not only that, but it’s a one shot too, every other class of the other player has a full shield, it’s a 2 tap, no matter what, Hunter with a full charge and a precision shot with a throwing knife? Should be dead? Hheeeeelllll no, you better have your weapon ready because they are going to just run at you and smack you till you die. The hand held nova bomb I get, that is a charged attack and you kind of have to aim it, but there is no class capable of doing what a striker titan can do in PVP. The fact that they can charge completely unchecked, as much as they like is insane, and the super timer for the striker tree needs to be reduced badly. Exotics should still bolster their melee and super, this will make them choose: “Do I use One Eyed Mask or should I try something else for once”- said no Titan ever. Thank you for reading. I hope they fix this, it’s frustrating and unfair. Right now this class takes zero skill to amass very hard to earn kills and glory points, where if you don’t want to play your Titan, you’re stuck, unless the Titan on the other team doesn’t know how to shoulder charge or hasn’t figured out how to press the two bumper buttons, which is unlikely...



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