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PC/PS4/XB1 LEGEND wait 4 it DARY

The LEGEND wait 4 it DARY community is finally recruiting again! We are a smaller PC/PS4/XB1 Gaming community that has been around since D1. We died down a little during the beginning of D2, but we are back fully with Shadowkeep! As we are looking to rebuild ourselves, we are currently open to Guardians, 16+ of any light and skill level. We are also open to Guardians who are looking for a community to play with, but are not looking for a clan at this time! Join us on our discord and see what we're all about!!! Questions are welcomed... See you there Guardian [b]Testimonials[/b] [quote]Gwpbirddog0811 "I have spent nearly 3 years as a lonewolf player (I never felt confident enough to play in a group due to disability). Having read reviews on LEGEND wait 4 it DARY, I decided to bite the bullet and join them. I have not been disappointed, this Community rocks, the Mentors are supportive, and non critical even when you repeatedly stuff up on the easiest of objectives, the same goes for players in the teams, they are always positive, non judgmental and make playing a great laugh even when you suck. Been with group for 3 weeks and have achieved so much more with them than I have achieved since starting playing." [/quote] [quote]StuartJ0731 "I've only been a member for a couple months but it has been great. Members make the game fun by always getting groups together or allowing me to join even if it's just for a quick strike. The patience level is also great for beginners. I haven't had anyone rage quit on anything when a member wasn't performing well. It's a great community to be a part of. " [/quote] [quote]Mopfly "Great place to hang out, meet people and get all your activities done. There are so many people willing to help with anything you need. Most fun I've had with Destiny in years" [/quote] [quote]KrispyDoritoJoe "I joined this community to gain a better knowledge, I ended up with way more in the best way possible. LEGEND wait 4 it DARY is amazing. This family is more than happy to help out with anything and everything. Everyone is beyond helpful, and I've gotten the chance to sit down and play with them and help some. This was the best choice I've made in a really long time."[/quote]



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