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10/23/2019 5:59:40 PM

Divinity and Leviathan's Breath desperately need a damage buff

Numbers are rounded to account for human error and simplification. To put this all in perspective, a kinetic 900 RPM SMG has a DPS of roughly 11,500 Divinity, a secondary weapon, has around 12,500 DPS. No, it buffing damage output is absolutely no excuse for it's awful DPS. No, somebody making a video calling it the best weapon in the game because it buffs damage output doesn't make it the best weapon in the game. In comparison Prometheus Lens has roughly 27,000 DPS and a 90 RPM kinetic sniper has around 33,000, this is absolutely inexcusable of a secondary raid exotic. This is all on top of the fact that you need to be firing it at a target constantly to maintain the debuff, the crashing it causes, the fact that stacking more than 1 doesn't allow more than 1 damage burst (which accounts for a very large portion of the weapon's total damage per mag). And then we have Leviathan's Breath. Ooooh boy, this one barely beats out Divinity and by extent, primary weapons, by having roughly 15,000 DPS. As a heavy weapon. An exotic heavy. Yall just can't get bow balancing right at all can you? Sure, the concussive blast is serviceable against red bars. but you can literally just mow them down in the same amount of time with an LMG, or even some primary exotics. All tests were done on good ol' Greg. (Located in Cargo Bay 3 lost sector on Titan, you can go ahead and confirm my findings there with slight variance due to human clicking error and frame rate differences.)



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