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10/21/2019 1:00:36 AM

Taming a Hive knight (my crack pot theory)

Alright I've been holding this one in for YEARS, ever since we got the artifact of Timur back in rise of iron As I'm sure you remember that artifact was able to temporarily make enemy combatants fight on your behalf, a feature I'd love to see return but hey screw me ANYWHO! I've always wondered if it was possible to make "peace" with the Hive, a concept that in truth is super stupid and will never happen. But what if? So here's what I'm thinking, follow these steps 1. Grab a knight, a low ranking run of the mill knight you'd never think twice about 2. Hit him with Timur's SAUCE and make him yours 3. Feed him a bunch of orbs of light so that his worm can stay fed 4. Send him out to kill some thrall to please the sword logic 5. Hit him with the SAUCE again 6. Rinse and repeat Congratulations you've tamed a knight (I hope), now that he isn't blinded by rage and worm worship you should be able to have a lovely conversation about all the innocent victims your new best friend killed before coming to Sol, all while chowing down on some deep fried orbs of light [spoiler]yes yes I know, Timur's artifact probably can't actually make enemies fight for you in the lore. Afterall how would that work for the Vex? Regardless I just thought this was fun and a nice nostalgia trip[/spoiler]
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