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10/19/2019 2:22:25 PM

Constant error code broccoli

I recently bought a new PC and downloaded destiny, I had a laptop before shadowkeep and played destiny 2 on that. At first, it was fine, but the second day I started getting error code broccoli errors. It doesn't keep my game open like weasel and turtle, instead it crashes it repeating the last sound effect I heard in-game and gives me a windows alert. I reinstalled my graphics driver, just like the bungie help recommends but I still had the error. Another thing people said worked was to turn on Debug mode in nvidia control panel to remove the graphics card over clock, it still didn't work. Another fix people said was to run the game as an administrator and set the priority to high, but that would only cause my destiny to not be able to launch in the first place, I had to delete the local game file called "steam_appid" too be able to launch destiny again. I even tried factory resetting my PC and setting everything back up again. It still was giving me error code broccoli errors. none of my other games had been crashing. And they was something else kind of weird, while I would be playing d2 (in between crashes) I would get these bright green squares flash across my screen, it mainly happened while in orbit and during the loading screen, I'm not sure if that's related or not though. But if anyone has any suggestions, i wanna hear em.
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