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10/20/2019 9:38:06 PM

Xbox Clan- Keeper Of The Lost is recruiting! Read our info below...

Check us out... XB1 D2, Keeper Of The Lost. We are an American based clan. Our goal is to continue having an active, fun, team-minded clan, so we can place quality and camaraderie over you don’t end up as just another number added to a list! If you’d like to be part of our clan, are at least 16 or above, then check out our link below for Keeper Of The Lost! We have multiple Bungie chat channels but our primary means of communication is our multi-channel Discord. Our member's age range from 16-40+...most being in their 20 and 30’s. So if you're interested in joining our gaming family please follow the steps below. Thank you! Once you request to join we will send you a message from the Bungie App. So please keep an eye on your messages! (Look for a Bungie app message, not thru Xbox). Thank you!



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