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10/20/2019 3:34:18 AM

[NA]{PC}Scooty Puff Jr Gang, A No-Life Clan, Is looking for members!!

Hello All! We currently have 9 Very active members (40+ hours per week). Our hope is to find more players so that we always have a raid team available. Everyone is friendly but also very R rated. What we are looking for = - Has an unhealthy amount of time in the game. - Knowledgeable in most activities. - Fun to play with. ~~~Please play on PC, unfortunately due to the way destiny connection works, EU may have a bad connection with most of us, but you are still very welcome! :) [url=]Discord[/url] is required since that is how we communicate with each-other so please do join, and feel free to jump into chat whenever, we will attempt to not be awkward. What we hope to accomplish = - Worlds First A Raid (anyone willing to grind is welcome) - Accomplish something to make our names known - Create a Close community of dedicated players that love / hate the game as much as we do. [url=]Clan Page[/url]



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