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Killa_Kru5h3r99により編集済み: 10/18/2019 11:50:34 PM

[PS4] Multiverse Marauder Clan Recruitment

Hey there! I'm opening up my new clan to anyone that is interested in joining. This is going to be a clan that gets things done, such as raids, nightfalls, and anything that requires people, but won't be an overly competitive or serious clan If you're looking for a chill clan with a semi/fairly active playerbase, then help me make that. One of the only requirements is to, well, be semi/fairly active, and willing to do endgame stuff like raids, or helping others out when they need something. If you're interested, message me on PSN: Killa_Kru5h3r99 More details can be discussed if you're interested. Both new lights and veterans welcome!



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