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10/19/2019 11:09:57 AM

Come join the "Erect Guys" clan! (PC, but read desc!)

[b][i]ANYONE IS WELCOME FROM ANY PLATFORM[/i][/b] Heyo! [i][u][b]So to clarify, this name is a joke.[/b][/u][/i] We're a bunch of buddies who play on PC and are constantly active since the Steam release. Right now the clan consists of a tight-knit group but to [i]expand[/i] and make a community of sorts would be a blast! We're all experienced but welcome people of all experiences, as long as you bring positivity to the table as a person! This clan was made in memorium for another friend who had passed away, names and tags are subject to change down the line. I'll probably be making a Discord server solely for the clan sooner or later. As long as you're chill and are okay with offensive humor and dumb memes and just looking to chill and play whatever, whenever then feel free to send a request to join and we'll be in touch! Thanks, -Cake



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