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Destiny 2

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Two Deals

(Page 67) Shadow drops bags upon bags at the feet of the Spider with a loud clank. He growls softly, leaning in. “Good, good. Now that we are... a little more “even”... let’s see about getting you that information.” Shadow, dirty and bruised, had spent days searching for anything of use to the Spider, for she knew who he was and that he wouldn’t tell her anything without payment. She brought anything she could, from glimmer to cores to prisoner escapees’ heads. The awoken woman lifts her burning golden gaze to meet the eliksni’s. “Where is Variks.” He stays silent for a moment. “Where is Variks?” He chuckles, gravelly and deep, leaning back in his seat. “Where IS Variks? That is a question.” He interlocks his lower hands over his fat stomach. Shadow opens her mouth for a stinging retort but he beats her to it. “I don’t know,” he declares sharply. “He fled the prison.” “Was he ever here?” The Spider narrows all four eyes, showing the questions are beginning to test his patience. “Yes. With that Cayde friend of yours. That is all I have to say.” He waves his upper hands dismissively. “Now go.”



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