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Y1 Weapons that deserve to be brought forward

Just to name a few: [b]Vendor Weapons[/b] [i]Mornin' Comes[/i]: The static roll of this sniper (currently the only roll) can still be obtained from Failsafe, but it'd be great to get a random rolled version from activities all around Nessus. [i]Man O' War[/i]: Similar to the Mornin' Comes, this is a vendor weapon. The only difference here would be the planet; Io. Being able to get the static version from Asher Mir and a random rolled version from activities Io would be awesome. [b]VEIST Weapons[/b] [i]Copperhead-4SN / Widow's Bite[/i]: Oh, man I remember falling in love with the 4SN in the D2 Open Beta. Both of these weapons feel amazing to shoot, mostly due to the sound they make. Even just one making their way forward would mean the world to me and snipers all over the D2 community. [b]Classics[/b] [i]The Old Fashioned[/i]: Do I need to explain why this thing should be brought forward? It's classified as a Hand Cannon, but it's actually a pepper box revolver. We need this thing again. [i]Lincoln Green[/i]: Again, not much explanation is needed here. It's a good Pulse Rifle. It's got a good archetype. It deserves to be brought back. [i]Call to Serve[/i]: This kinetic Scout Rifle could make a few waves if it got something like kill clip. Edit: A few more, as per suggestions: [i]Uriels Gift[/i]: This auto rifle still feels good to shoot even today. Worth bringing back. [i]Minimum Distance[/i] [i]Shepherds Watch[/i]: Easy pick. Good taste. [i]Tone Patrol[/i]: "Watch your mouth." [i]Last Hope[/i]: [b]Y1 flashbacks intensify[/b] [b][i][u]Yes bring it forward.[/u][/i][/b] [i]Minuet-42[/i]: I... don't see how I forgot this. [i]Ufern HC4[/i]: Same as above. Edit 2: Forgot [i]Dire Promise[/i], won't happen again I promise don't kill me. Edit 3: Holy wow so many replies. Anyway, [i]Red Mamba[/i]: Mamba, but red. [i]Death Adder[/i]: I believe this weapon was also Io exclusive, but I could be wrong. It and the Red Mamba felt awesome to use in-game. [i]Battle Scar[/i]: The horn is just for show; not to be feared, or so Shaxx says. [i]Frostmire's Hex[/i]: Wasn't this a solar weapon?



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