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Didn't get Memory of Cayde class item from Ikora

Don't know if this as been addressed yet, but I just got around to doing the Forsaken campaign, mostly because I wanted the Memory of Cayde cloak, and most things online said that you get that cloak from Ikora at the end of the Forsaken campaign. After finishing the campaign and talking to Ikora, she didn't give me anything. Had space in my inventory, mailbox, and vault and didn't show up in those either. In the collections tab it still says "Source: Earned over the course of the Forsaken campaign", which seems to be false since I finished the campaign and didn't get it. Is it a bug that Ikora doesn't give it out because of the armor system change that came with Shadowkeep, for some other reason, or was it purposely removed as a quest reward? And if it was deliberately removed, how can I get this cloak? Edit: Just completed the Gambit Allegiance questline, which supposedly gives you a random piece of gambit armor and pack of synths if you sided with Drifter, and got nothing from that as well. It seems like all the rewards for questlines pre-Shadowkeep have been completely removed. Whether this is a bug or intentional I'm not sure, but it's a little upsetting and kinda de-incentivizes newer players from wanting to complete those quests since they don't get anything out of them, not even some experience or glimmer.



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