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10/16/2019 2:28:20 AM

[PC] TACTICAL (Very Active) - Competitive PVE/PVP Clan [NA / EU / OCE]

[quote]🥇[b][PC] TACTICAL (Very Active) - Competitive PVE/PVP Clan [NA / EU / OCE][/b][/quote] [b]REQUIREMENTS:[/b] 🔸 Age 18+ 🔸 Remain Active 🔸 Discord 🔸 Play on the NA Server 🔸 Play on PC (if you have an xbox / ps4 profile - you can transfer your characters to steam) [b]GOALS:[/b] 🔹 Engage players with high-end content 🔹 Form cohesive and competitive teams 🔹 Facilitate a hardcore community [b]What's this clan about?[/b] 🔸 Very Competitive & Active 🔸 Helpful Community 🔸 Endgame Focused 🔸 150+ Active Members 🔸 Growing Rapidly 🔸 Provides up-to-date Guides 🔸 Offers Sherpa Raids 🔸 Flexible Raid Schedules 🔸 Weekly Events / Meetings [b]Raid Schedule:[/b] 🔹 Weekly raids are posted in our #charlemagne-lfg channel on discord. 🔹 We now have a separate category that will host sherpa runs for new raiders. 🔹 If you desire a dedicated raid team, bring that up during our meeting and we will form one for you. [b][u]Instruction to Join:[/u][/b] 1. Upvote the thread. (Arrow in the top left of the post, next to my avatar) 2. Join our Discord @ 3. Send a message to our Tactical Modmail bot on Discord to get in contact with our D2 Officers. 4. Our clan link will be provided to you by one of our D2 Officers. 5. Make sure you are not in a clan before you apply. [b]Website:[/b]



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