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10/8/2019 11:18:26 AM

Destiny 2 | The "Mike Titan Build" | The Best Shadowkeep Titan Build!

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This Build Is Powerful!


Greeting Guardians! , This build will require the following! [b]Class:[/b] Titan - Sentinel (Code of The Protector) [b]Class Tree Perks: [/b] Void Wall Grenade, Towering Barricade, and Strafe Lift [b]Weapons:[/b] Monte Carlo (Exotic Kinetic Primary Weapon), Last Man Standing w/ 1-2 Punch Perk (Energy Special Weapon), and any weapon offering boss damage. [b]Exotic Armor:[/b] Synthoceps (Exotic Gauntlets) [b]Artifact Perks:[/b] Disruption Grenades, Disruption Spike, and Oppressive Darkness [b]Build Description:[/b] This is my favorite build and it is currently the most powerful feeling build in Destiny 2! The strength of this build comes from the melee abilities that are bound to this class! Your subclass tree grants over-shields and restores health to you and nearby allies upon melee final blows. While over-shields are active you have increased reload speed, melee damage, and all kills restore melee ability energy! The synergy pulsates while both Monte Carlo and Synthoceps are equipped! It works like this.. While Monte Carlo is equipped, your titan lunges at an enemy minor and achieves a successful melee kill rewarding the you with increased reload speed, increased melee damage, and a 5-Stack of damage buff to Monte Carlo thanks to its perk. Monte Carlo proceeds to shred mobs, and some majors, restoring your melee fully. You can now [b]A.)[/b] Finishing mowing down mobs of enemies! [b]B.)[/b] Melee an enemy when health becomes scarce to not only heal yourself but return ammo to Monte Carlo thanks to its Exotic perk! Or [b]C.)[/b] pull out your 1-2 Punch Shotgun and destroy a major with ease! I have a VISUAL representation of this in the link below. In Conclusion, this build is a boxer, a an add clearing machine, and most importantly a TANK! This build has a ton to offer to a fire-team and happens to be extremely efficient for solo activities! For those of you lacking Monte Carlo or a 1-2 Punch Shotgun, the Monte Carlo and shotgun can be replaced! [b]SUBSTITUTIONS:[/b] Monte Carlo can be replaced with any fully automatic kinetic weapon with the "Swashbuckler" perk. The 1-2 Punch shotgun can be replaced with a trench barrel shotgun as well. [b]IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ ALL OF THIS INFORMATION HERE IS A VIDEO![/b] Sincerely, Slayhew



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