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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
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(page 66) “These warnings... sent from GREENRAVEN. They’re from Variks?” Shadow’s heart swells. “He tried to warn us...” She clutches her handcanon, struggling to stop herself from shaking. “So he survived, then?” Her ghost finishes scanning. “Yes... it seems he did...” He hesitates. “What is it?” She can tell he’s hiding something. “Well... you might not be too happy about this... “ His blue eye blinks once. “But it looks like Variks was here... less than a year ago.” Shadow’s fire colored eyes rake over her ghost’s dusty black shell. “What?.... here? You mean, in the tower?” He hesitates again, and Shadow is in no mood for games. “Tell me!” She snaps, her voice filling with wrath. Her hand falls on her knife. “... Yes,” he answers finally, sounding defeated and almost sorry for his guardian. “He was here. To visit Zavala. Cayde brought him here. It was concerning the Barons.” Shadow’s heart stops. She vaguely hears the clank of her knife hitting the floor. She pauses for a long time, contemplating. Anger begins to glow like a smoldering ember deep in the pit of her stomach, racing up to meet her lungs and set them ablaze in a roaring fire. “Cayde.... knew he was alive?” Her voice is deep, quiet. Her eyes focus once again and rest on her ghost. He hardly dares to move under her intense stare. “He knew... and didn’t tell me? All this time?” Another pause. “Shadow... we need to leave. We’re not supposed to be here... we can go somewhere else to discuss this.” As if his words summoned them, she hears guards muttering, approaching, around the corner. She starts, realizing they must have heard her. “Let’s go,” She orders icily, pulling her black hood up with a sharp flick and sneaking out with more than enough information.



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