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The Unseen [PC/EU/NA] - Experienced players / Sherpas / PvE / PvP / End-game / Raids / Triumphs / Challenges

[b]Welcome to The Unseen, Guardian! [/b] The Unseen focus on end-game activities, raids, PvP & PvE content. We pride ourselves in being open to anyone that has the same goals and skill set to join so bring any worthy friends! This clan is open to experienced players, and our attitudes & skill level reflect that. [b][u]How can I join?[/b][/u] We have some basic requirements in order to join our ranks. Do not be discouraged if you do not exactly meet them, message me and I will evaluate if you are able to join. - Minimum age of 18 or over. Be mature! - Activity on Discord is a must, and a clear working microphone. - Must have Forsaken, Annual pass and Shadowkeep! [b]Contact details:[/b] Contact zexo#0001 via Discord, or alternatively join the Discord server below and message me. will be evaluated before joining to determine your raid completions and competence. Discord: Clan page:



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