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10/14/2019 5:30:37 PM

Optimization for Consoles?

First off - this is not a s*-post about Destiny or Bungie. I love Destiny and supporting Bungie so please do not think that the following post is meant to discredit either. I have been playing D2 on PC this DLC but I would like to make the suggestion to optimize performance on console platforms - as soon as possible. The game is beautiful and runs great on the PC - many custom tweaks can be made to even further improve the performance. Load times are phenomenal - going to the tower is a treat on PC because it takes <30s! FPS is great - I am always at 90FPS (can even hit 200FPS at times) and I run on fairly high settings. The flow of the game just feels great on PC all around. As for the consoles... Since the console platforms have no way of controlling the video properties, my opinion is that things need to be tuned heavily. Load times are terrible and will continue to decline as the game grows in size. It takes probably 5x the amount of time to load into an activity on console vs. PC. Frame drops are probably the worse I have ever seen. Boss fights or spamming super abilities almost break the game - reducing framerate down to 5-10fps. If console platforms are to be restricted to 30fps they need to be tuned in order to maintain 30fps because really critical moments such as the final fight of raids become unplayable at 5-10fps. I am an experienced raider and I have always played D2 on console until recently. It just feels like a totally different game on console and it is not a good feeling after knowing what the game is capable of. It may be the quality of textures, particle effects, or other in game physics that are driving such low performance. These could certainly be tuned in my opinion to improve the performance of the game while still keeping the idea and core elements still in the game. These changes obviously cannot happen over night and there is a lot of dev work to be done in the background. If the quality of the game needs to take a hit I think it would be better that the game be playable and stable as opposed to what it is currently. Any chance that this can be done? Cheers and thanks for reading!



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