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10/13/2019 5:32:31 PM

[PC ONLY | EU/NA] Fear of Light recruiting | Mainly PvE focused, but also play PvP | Looking for active/social and skilled players

Fear of Light is looking for active and social members who enjoy the endgame. A lot of us have been playing since the D1 beta. Beat VoG week 1, and have loved the casually hardcore aspect of the game ever since. We're mainly looking for PvE gods (being an actual deity not required). You don't have to have the most completions, as long as you're a quick learner and communicate well. PvP gods are also more than welcome, but we are not a PvP clan. PvE with a side of PvP. We raid every week. If interested, upvote this post, comment or DM me, and request to join the link below: [b]Requirements:[/b] Discord Microphone Stay active Be mature and respectful



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