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US/EU/UK (PS4 MAIN) Destinys Kings and Queens - mature, respectful, friendly clan recruiting more royals for fun times.

Looking for good banter and a big laugh, all around good time with good people? Then why not check out Destinys Kingz and Queenz. We are primarily a PS4 clan. However, cross save has allowed some of us the opportunity to approach other platforms. We are happy to raid, do strikes or just patrol. We have a lot of helpful members willing to guide you or just accompany you in your tasks. We are more PVE orientated and looking for as many raiders, or those interested in raiding as possible. However we do not object to running pvp/gambit for those interested in that part of the game. We have a BAND community for clan members. This is where we organise events, comps, raffles and groups. We also communicate through Bungie chat for those who arent interested in another app. We are looking for mature, respectful and friendly members who are willing to help others. We understand that RL happens and it can't always be helped. We are very supportive and understanding also. If you think this suits you, then message me direct for any and all inquires and an invite. My profile is: Can message me through here. Looking forward to adding you to the family.



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