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10/12/2019 4:43:09 PM

Destiny 2 PC Nightingale

So yesterday I finally installed Destiny 2 back on my PC after getting refunded and uninstalling when this problem happened to me last year. When I booted up the game yesterday it ran perfectly fine, I thought that it had to do with me transferring it over to steam but this morning I try to play and the same nightingale error that made me quit last year is back. I have exhausted every solution bungie has given twice now, it isn't my router, DNS, or firewall and non of my computer parts are malfunctioning because every other game on my PC runs perfectly fine. I hope to resolve this issue so I do not waste my money again, and if I can get help that isn't linking me back to the [b]already existing nightingale help forum[/b] that would be great.



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