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Destiny 2

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10/12/2019 2:29:20 PM

Destiny 2 Cross Save Bugs

so since i downloaded destiny 2 free to play on my XBOX and linked my steam id using cross save i have noticed some weird things happening. 1st my rewards for high tier loot quests are bugged, at light level 787 i did the leviathan for the 1st time ever and got gear with light level 790 while my buddy who had never played before and just created a character on XBOX was light level 800 and got gear with light level 872 on it. 2nd i cannot remember if i unlocked all the forges on pc or not but since i used cross save only 1 forge exists anywhere in destinations and it is in the EDZ. but i have noticed that the forge changes everyday, 2 days ago it was the Goffanon forge, yesterday it was the Izanami forge, and today it is the Bergusia forge. 3rd all xp and loot drops seem to be scaled down for those of us using cross save, i have asked a couple of my friends who also use cross save from pc and they are having the same issues.



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