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10/11/2019 12:27:27 AM

(Join Here) est. 2017 [CASUAL] - Legion of Legends - [ALL clan engrams unlocked every week]

- LEGION OF LEGENDS - [LGND] "Live Slow. Die Whenever." Old school gamers, New age gamers, and All those in the middle. You are Welcome Here. The Legion of Legends is a group of Casual and Serious players alike who band together for one goal. WINNING... kidding, just have Fun and Play together. This is YOUR Clan. These are YOUR Friends. This is YOUR Family. (Too much? Maybe but you get the point!) Requirements: - Be Active when you can - Communicate in Clan Chat if you need - Be Willing to participate in Raids, Crucible, Trials, Strikes ect. but not required - TEAM PLAYER :) Rules: - Respect other Members - If you need to be away for a very prolonged amount of time please say so



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