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10/10/2019 10:28:03 PM

When reported and booted from a match, do you receive an error code?

I was just playing some gambit and unfortunately had to go super aggro in order to fulfill my Invader head weekly bounty. I likely frustrated players on the opposing team and am guessing that at least one reported me for this bounty-prompted behavior. (How else can you kill guardians in gambit..?) Long story short, with a strong lead in the match, I got sent back to orbit with a "guitar" error followed by 3x "you left a match early" pop-ups. I was on a 4-game win streak prior to that. Any insights on this? Do you get booted from a match when you're reported? (I am not a fan of the ranked-crucible-like behavior in Gambit, but when a bounty requires it, unfortunately you have to follow suit...)



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