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10/10/2019 2:57:25 PM

Spire★ | XBOX/PC | Semi-casual Clan | EU Based

[i]Together we Spire![/i] [u][b]Xbox/PC Semi-casual Clan.[/b][/u] We are laid back clan that is dedicated to Destiny with members from across the world. With Destiny beginning a new era it is clan season and all new/old players are welcome! As cross save has started we are now a Xbox/PC clan so if you play on one or both of the platforms we are accepting. Even though we are laid back we expect people to be active and adaptive during most of the season. Also people that are understanding that as seasons start to end, clan movement slows down a bit. We are helpful with events that you may need but don’t expect carries. If you don’t know how to do something, one of the clan members will help teach you. If you are willing to learn we are willing to teach. Raids and other activities happen if you are involved with the clan, so don't be afraid to join/create events. [b]Clan Link: [/b] [u][b]Requirements:[/b][/u] 1. Be active 2. Be Respectful 3. Discord 4. 16+ 5. Shadowkeep



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