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10/8/2019 2:49:58 PM

Help - Problem Reading Game Content - Steam

So I am getting the following error message when trying to launch Destiny 2 from Steam. It reads "Problem reading game content. Please close Destiny 2, right click on Destiny 2 and run Verify Integrity...etc" Error Message: I have obviously done the Verify Integrity step, results below. Validate Steam Files: Other steps I have taken: Deleted Destiny 2, cleared Steam's Download Cache, reinstalled Destiny 2 I have also tried deleting the steam_appid.txt file in my Destiny 2 folder. Furthermore I have tried running the game as Administrator, as well as non-Administrator Finally I have redone my PC move, and Bungie says it was successful: None of these steps worked, I still get the same error upon launching the game.



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