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PCでDestiny 2をプレイする時に問題が発生していますか?
Typical Villainにより編集済み: 10/11/2019 2:10:49 PM

[BUG][CrossSave]New PC Guardians not unlocking Red Legion Ghost Shells

Hi everyone! Anyone else having the issue on PC where newly created guardians going through the red legion storyline quest aren't having the ghost shells unlocked, like the EDZ shell that detects caches? My old guardian transferred over with their shells, I'm only experiencing this on any new guardian I created. I found a post about this on Steam and added myself to the list, but I wasn't able to find a post on here regarding the missing storyline shells... I'll take this down if I find one older. Update: I also noticed I did not get the emblem for completing the red legion campaign, the warlocks wisdom one.



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