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8 Pages of Friends List Error

This is a small issue effecting the small percentage of PC people (and maybe console players too, idk), so I want to make it clear I do not think this should receive any priority treatment in the face of all of the other issues Bungie's diligently working at. Keep at it team! Now, for the issue. I have 400 Steam friends, 90% of them added specifically for Destiny. I went through to re-add everyone and get all my buds from console and yeah, I guess you could say I know a lot of people. When I'm in the game, there's only 8 pages of friends no matter how many hundreds of friends I have online, and it never shows anyone offline like it did in game when using the battle launcher. So that already means I can't see a LOT of my friends online, but even stranger is when 2 or more of my friends are in a fireteam, it usually only shows one of them with the fireteam bar indicator. When I click their name I see them in the fireteam with my friends, but they don't show on my list. The weirdest thing by far, however, is when I join a fireteam of friends and some of them aren't on my in game list, it acts as if I'm not their friend in game at all. I click their name and it tells me to send a friend request, which brings me to their steam page as usual, where it says to send message instead of send friend request, because obviously I am steam friends with them. Apparently I'm just not "Destiny" friends with them. Anyone having the same issues? Has anyone brought this up yet and/or would anyone know if Bungie has said something about this yet?



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