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Destiny 2

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10/5/2019 4:16:29 PM

This is what happened on Titan during the Collapse.

[quote]She calls for radar data, a map of Titan's surface. And then she sees it. Her moon is squashing. Titan is deforming from a spheroid into an egg. Something out there is pulling on Titan—a hand with a force greater than Saturn's entire mass. And the moon is answering the only way it can, by bulging outward: already fifteen meters, still growing. The pull will cause strain, tremors, tides. And when that pull lets go, there will be a wave to make Ziusudra and Atrahasis and Noah and Manu and Deucalion cower in fear. Bergelmir might have navigated a deluge of blood, but not even he had to sail on liquid methane. Nor reckon with the apocalyptic tidal forces of a second ocean, fourteen times as vast as Earth's oceans combined, buried 50 kilometers below the surface.[/quote] Consider the magnitude of this, how powerful the force of Darkness behind the Collapse must have to do [i]this.[/i]



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