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10/5/2019 7:26:37 AM

Color Blind Problems

I am red-green color blind, which makes it very hard for me to distinguish enemies from the environment in a large number of missions, strikes, crucible maps, gambit maps and raids. Destiny 2 is better than many other games as it at least makes it easier to distinguish friend from foe by not using the traditional "green" for allies (thank you designers), but it still has a flaw: color blind mode. Like every other game that I've tried color blind mode for, the mode hurts my eyes terribly. I can't last more than half an hour. (Curious if anyone else has the same experience when they use it by the way) I'm not making this post just to whine, but rather to make a somewhat unorthodox request: bring back the "lens" artifact from Destiny. I used the Grayscale Lens for a long time and had one of the best gaming experiences of my life thanks to it. It solved the "camouflaged" enemies effect resulting from my color blindness without hurting my eyes like color blind mode. It doesn't have to be the original artifact either, it could just be a game play option that can be turned on in settings. I do hope someone from Bungie sees this and brings it up to the development team.



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